Thursday, 27 January 2011

Family Pets and a Trip to the Vet (aka things I wish I'd witnessed)

When I was growing up, our family had a succession of pets - rabbits and guinea pigs to be precise. By far and away, none touched our hearts like our last rabbit did, a beautiful black bunny with the sweetest temperament and the surprising, but adorable, name of Piglet.

Piglet was the runt of the litter, and probably because she was squashed in the womb (according to the vet) she grew up with a twisted hip bone - which left her looking like her front legs were trying to head forwards toward you, while her back end attempted to head off to the left. She didn't let it stop her from getting around though - and if there were fingers or toes to be licked, she would be all over them like a rabbit who really wanted to lick those fingers or toes.

Mainly due to her adorable personality and condition, she spent her life as a house rabbit, where she lived a happy and warm life, worshipped by the family. As she grew older, she developed something of a mischievous nature, along with a taste for remote controls. A taste for the buttons of remote controls, if I am being exact.

This is the remote control of the TV we inherited from Mum and Dad when they bought a new one:

Damn vandal rabbit, with her apparent dislike of yellow and white (the only two colours of button that remained untouched by her inquisitive teeth).

However, despite getting a little side-tracked by the beautiful Piglet, she is not the intended focus of today's post - that honour goes to Blackberry, a pretty little grey thing who made up one half of our first pair of rabbits along with her life partner, Pipkin.

When Blackberry was about two years old, Dad (who had inevitably turned into Chief Rabbit Carer as time passed) noticed a couple of lumps on her underside. Devastated that our first pet might be ill, we waited with baited breath while Dad made the trip to the vet to have the lumps checked out.

This is how events unfolded:

How we weren't overrun by baby rabbits I don't know, but we sure learnt that you can't necessarily trust the word of any pet store who sell pets for a living. I also learnt that there is nothing funnier than your Dad trying to avoid using the word 'testicle' whilst explaining exactly how the vet had revealed that our pet was a boy.

Anyway, given that I don't actually have any pictures of the deliciously sweet pets we had over my childhood, I thought I'd finish with the cutest pictures of bunnies that the internet has to offer.

Bunnies - you are so adorable, it hurts. We love you. 

Links for pics from these sites, respectively:

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