Monday, 13 December 2010

It's not always beneficial to be the early bird

I got a bit carried away this afternoon with my drawing tablet and GIMP (which, in case you were worrying about following the link, is a free alternative to the extortionately priced Photoshop) and ended up spending none of my time creating visuals to accompany the story that I intended to post today.

Instead, I did this:

It was basically an excuse to work my way through all the tools in the GIMP toolbox to see what each of them do. I still don't really know the answer in most cases but things did start to become a bit clearer towards the end - there may be hope yet, providing I manage to retain anything I picked up. I shall endeavour to practise - there is definitely still an element of the amateur about the pic that I couldn't seem to iron out. But even amateurish is impressive given that I have always been convinced I am not a person who is adept at drawing. 

Anyway, here's to another Monday without a story-based post because I let myself get distracted from my intended visuals. Somewhat ironically, I probably would have had time to get them done if I'd gotten out of bed a bit earlier this morning.

PS. I so want to live in that cute little worm home. The fireside chair looks super comfy!

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