Monday, 30 August 2010

Bridezilla goes for a Walk, and a little bit more about me

Well, here I am checking in for post number two. I don't really know what I'm doing here so I figured a good place to start would be a bit more background info on little ol' me before heading into comic number 2.

I have slightly more than 6 months left of my twenties - and a little more than that left until the wedding. Yes I'm getting married - I guess that's why my blog has ended up taking a brial-ish theme. Sadly, Bridezilla is not actually far away from how I find I am living life at the moment - a stress at the merest little problem life has to throw at me can be quelled by a quick online view of my newly ordered dress, or a cheeky scan of our wedding venue website. I am basically refusing to panic about wedding related things, even though with 8 months to go we still don't have a photographer (I am told this should be a very worrisome situation to find myself in) and that there are only 5 of 80 invitations made. I think I would start to worry if we were in the same situation with 8 weeks to go, but at present I am relentlessly optimistic that everything will be FINE.

Excellent. So, now the little installment about me is done, I think it's time to move on and see how Bridezilla is doing. Happily, the weather looks lovely, and our bride-to-be has decided she's going to go for a walk. Surely, nothing could go wrong?


  1. Niiiice, frame 6 is particularly lovely (awesome attention to detail with the shoes, btw!)

  2. There's little difference between my style now and the style employed when I was young enough for my parents to pin up my 'pictures' on the fridge. I am impressed I managed to convey 'shoe' - that is possibly my greatest work of art to date.

    Sad but true!