Sunday, 29 August 2010

Welcome to Bridezilla - a Comic where Weddings Save the Day!

Hello, and welcome to my blog - if you've managed to stumble here, I hope you enjoy what is, essentially, a stupid idea of mine. 

After combining a day spent browsing internet comics (when I should probably have been doing wedding-related things), a confidence boosting beverage and some mispent time in MS Paint, a small seed began to take root and thus began the birth of Bridezilla - a run-of-the-mill chick who turns monster when the every day annoyances of life build into a crescendo of rage that can be soothed by one thing, and one thing only.

You see, unlike the typical frenzy frequently suffered by an engaged and actively-planning-the-wedding female of the species, Bridezilla is actually soothed by unexpectedly stumbling across matrimonial goods - she relishes prompts of her forthcoming marriage, rather than it sending her into a panic about the many things she hasn't yet gotten round to organising.

For example, just take a look at what happens when Bridezilla goes to the supermarket to pick up some groceries:


  1. Love it, esp. the "big fat (not greek) wedding " Hahah, genious.

  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was too small to see properly, so I'm glad it can be read by someone who didn't already know what it said!