Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bridezilla Cooks a Meal - and I go to a Wedding Fair

Wedding Fair done. It was huge, and busy and I undoubtedly came out a little grumpier than when I went in (I suspect Fiance would argue that it was a lot grumpier, but let's not split hairs over such matters). There were human traffic jams everywhere, and the fairly narrow aisles between stalls weren't helped by the giant baby-carrying buggies, whose owners think the ideal place to stop is smack bang in the center of a crossroad filled with people trying to move every which way. Plus there was no champagne to greet us on arrival - we were there at 11am and were faced with a sea of empty glasses. The brides-to-be of Yorkshire clearly like to have a tipple in the morning. I mean, good going and all that ladies, but damn you for leaving us none.

Despite it being a rather more hectic (and rather less champagne quaffing) experience than anticipated, the visit was definitely productive and we're very pleased we went. We found two photographers we liked who are both available on our big day. Here the quandary starts. One is pretty new to the profession - been doing weddings for a year, and doesn't have a studio to work from. That concerns us a bit. But you get a pre-wedding photo session, a free canvas print and two photographers for the day - and they were lovely people, we both really liked them. They also had the most amazing album - the cover was so soft, I swear I would stroke it like a pet.

The other contender is your typical wedding photographer - cheesy funny and very easy to get along with. He also had nice albums, but I wouldn't really want to stroke any of the ones he had to offer. This guy's big selling point is definitely his experience, but it's a big enough thing that it could well sway our decision.

So we still technically don't have a photographer, but we do know there are people who we like that are available on our big day, and that we will have someone booked by the end of the week. This is good. I shall use this experience as positive reinforcement next time someone looks at me aghast while proclaiming "WHAT?! You haven't got  ________ sorted out yet". No, no I haven't but I'm not worrying, because you tried to make me panic last time, and it turned out I was right to remain calm all along.

Unless of course we've only got a week to go, and realised that we forgot to find anything for Fiance to wear. Their astonishment would probably be justified in that event.

Anyway after that rather lengthy update,  it's on to the seventh installment of Bridezilla and her bad days made better. Today she's trying to cook a meal and... well, things go worse than usual.


  1. Hahahahaha this one is my favourite so far!

  2. Thanks! Sadly, the mouldy potatoes and fried spider are all too real... yes - I did accidentally cook a spider a few weeks ago.

    Though in my defense it shouldn't really have been hiding in that pan.