Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bridezilla Goes to the Cinema - while I cook sausages

Well, what do you know. Apparently, "because I am too busy trying to be funny" is not a recognised as a valid excuse by the 'Why You Should Cook Dinner Tonight' panel (which is comprised solely of Lovely Fiance). So I started writing this post whilst having to make frequent dashes through to the kitchen to make sure I'm not burning the house down by neglecting the frying sausages. For the record, it went well - the house is still standing and the sausages were lovely.

It has been a GOOD DAY today- I went back to an article I'd pitched at with the intention of tidying it up in preparation for this week's editorial meeting, only to find that it had been accepted while I wasn't looking. I love surprises like that one. So rather than doing wedding things, I've been busy writing, and messing about with GIMP. (I guess I should specify that's GIMP the photo-manipulation program rather than anything sordid).

We are definitely going to a wedding fayre this weekend though - I have convinced Fiance it is a good idea (suggesting that we stop on the way home to buy a gadget for the new X-Box was, I think, the winning manoeuvre). And we ARE going to secure the services of a photographer. See, there is nothing to worry about. Well, there won't be after the weekend at least.

So that's more than enough rambling on my part - the next installment of Bridezilla is well overdue:

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