Monday, 13 September 2010

Bridezilla Tries to Enjoy the Garden - and I get a magic wand!

Well, Lovely Fiance has pulled an absolute blinder. He bought me one of those rather fabulous magic wand remote controls that I can use to command the various electrical gadgets located in our living room. Much as I love it, things haven't exactly gone to plan so far - it seems to be incompatible with the cable box (which is The Most Important One that lets us chose what channel we'd like to watch) but it is very happy telling the TV to shut up, or to speak up, or to switch itself off. I can't use an impressive swish to turn it back on again yet, but that is by-the-by. There is always the real remote control to rectify the situation in such events, and I'm sure Fiance doesn't mind the unexpected 'Off' moments too much.

Had a lovely day out with Mum today - although I made my regular shopping mistake of buying heavy things early on in the trip: books, new bedding and toiletries followed by a couple of hours carting it all around. Ouch. My arms will no doubt feel it tomorrow, but my soul will be singing because it likes it when I buy new things. There was lots of wedding browsing too - tiaras and shoes and bridesmaids dresses. It's such fun looking at all the pretty things. I even enjoyed trawling through 5 boxes worth of stickers in a craft shop trying to find additional pretty bits for making the invitations. My inspiration for getting them made has returned, and I will transform into a human production line. Tomorrow - I've had lots of writing to do today, and it's getting late... So definitely tomorrow. I promise.

And so we move towards today's Bridezilla, where she decides to make the most of her garden with unintended consequences:

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