Monday, 6 September 2010

Bridezilla Goes for a Meal - and I go out for lunch

Only got time for a flying post today - which is probably quite fortunate as I haven't got a massive amount to ramble about. 

I did get stopped and interviewed by the local radio station while I was heading home after a lovely lunch with Mum - the guy was doing a piece about household waste, and asked if he could go through my bin and see what food waste we had. We did pretty well - a quarter of a pint of milk was, I believe, the only genuine item in there but for the sake of artistic license he also said he could see some eggs and a half eaten pizza. I suspect he saw an empty egg box and the picture of a pizza on a box and decided to elaborate, but I wasn't going to call him on it because I was too excited at the prospect of being on radio. So excited, in fact, that I forgot to ask when it was going to be on. I may miss my 60 seconds of (local) fame, but at least we got some free binbags.

I mentioned before that I went out for lunch with my mum - completely coincidentally,  the Bridezilla comic going up today is also about going out for a meal - fortunately, my experience was much more pleasant than that of our tragic hero...

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