Friday, 3 September 2010

Bridezilla Tries to Leave the House - it is the weekend after all

Yay! Friday is finally here, and it's great to welcome it with a giant hug from our open arms. Fiance  is watching the England game, and in time honoured fashion in our household, I shall distract myself with writing and marinating myself in a lager or two - 'drunk' is my most preferred method for observing football - and if I concentrate hard enough on this post, I might even be able to ignore the one-way discussion Fiance will be aiming at the telly-box for the next 90 minutes.

We're off to the Wedding Fair on Sunday - I'd only heard about it through word of mouth so took the time to check out the website earlier today. Boy, am I glad I did. Still feeling like a wedding newbie, I was astounded to read that you had to pay for the privilege of entry - although with hindsight, I see that I was naive to think that anything related to weddings might not cost us anything.

Navigating away from the main page, however, I stumbled across a delightful piece of news - brides don't have to pay anything for entry! I signed up straight away and printed off my complimentary ticket. I'm guessing the engagement ring, and bored looking man in tow will be sufficient proof of my impending bridal status when we get there. And I can totally handle the two days worth of solid spam I'm bound to get after exchanging my email address for free entry (I will, of course, unsubscribe as soon as I have returned home after enjoying the aforementioned free entry).

Fiance is very happy about going - on top of the X-box gadget on the way home, we discovered we will be greeted with canapes and champagne. This is a great idea from the organisers to placate and relax the hubbies-to-be before they are dragged around a myriad of stalls, and demonstrations and... well, I don't really know what else to expect. I just hope I don't see my dress there - I would be incapable of responding to it in some way or other, and I know Fiance would notice and suspect something. I just have to pray we don't meet - because for one day only, the dress will be my nemesis.

I guess I've returned to the aimless rambling there, but eventually I have reached the purpose of the post - so it's time to roll out the next Bridezilla, where she is trying the simple task of leaving the house...

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