Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bridezilla Goes to the Shed - and we are so close to getting a photographer!

Well, it has been a productive few days, on reflection. Most importantly, we are within an envelope of securing a photographer. The less experienced contender came round last night and talked us through everything - we were already pretty sure we had found our photographer but when we saw an email confirming everything discussed had been sent the same night, the deal was sealed. You can't beat a bit of efficiency. All we need to do is to sign on the dotted line and send it off with the deposit, and the only thing stopping us from doing it immediately is the lack of an envelope - so Fiance is tasked with the job of securing some tomorrow and then our photographer will be sorted! It is something to be excited about. 

In other news, it turns out that I am not a local radio celebrity after the impromptu interview the other day. Mum let me know that she'd heard the article, and they'd managed to find other people to replace me and my blinding insight into modern life. I guess our not-throwing-a-lot-of-food-away lifestyle didn't fit in with their people-who-throw-a-lot-of-food-away premise. Either that, or he felt guilty for lying about the contents of our bin. C'est la vie I guess.

And so we march forward to the next instalment of the comic - today, Bridezilla heads out to the shed, and meets a slug who is to be her downfall...

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